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Business development strategy of “RESOURCE” Group of Companies includes forming-up of vertically integrated structure providing a stable position on the market. The key positions of the vertical integration of business processes within the Company are poultry breeding, agricultural land and grains, feed production, transport and logistics, construction and modernization, and marketing of finished products.

In the poultry breeding development “RESOURCE” Group makes the basic rate on high-tech solutions from leading world-wide manufacturers. Practical using of modern technology and the newest equipment for poultry growing and processing was the result of quick advance and development of the Company. All stages of the poultry production technological process from incubation to slaughter and waste processing are maximally automated.

Production and marketing of poultry meat products and development of agricultural land are the key activities of "Resource" GROUP

All kinds of poultry feeds are manufactured by the feed mill factories of the Company. Feeds provision is provided by their own crop-growing assets, and raw materials are delivery from third-party manufacturers. When crops growing a special-purpose is focused on the agricultural production security, innovative technologies and modern agricultural machinery. application.

Transport and logistics unit including the own distribution centers and lorry fleet ensures quick delivery of products to the final consumer and is oriented onto flexible service corresponding to individual customers' wishes.

Construction of new and modernization of existing production facilities of “RESOURCE” Group are provided by the specialists of its own Building Company and the construction unit JSC “Tokarevskaya Poultry Plant”.