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Southern and Northern Caucasus Federal Districts are the key regions available for the industrial enterprises of the Company.


Production enterprises of “RESOURCE” Group are located in Russia's most conducive regions for agricultural development, which provides the company with a leading position in its field.

The highly competitive and successful development of the company is enhanced by profitable climate conditions in the Southern and North-Caucasus Federal District, convenient locations as far as transportation and logistics are concerned, local experts’ vast agricultural experience and high consumer potential. The distribution system of “RESOURCE” Group is constantly improving: products are sold in every region of the Russian Federation. We are Russia's leading export company and plan to expand our international geographic presence.

  • CJSC «Stavropolskiy Broiler»
  • Moscow autonomous subdivision LLC «Trading Company Resurs-Yug»
  • JCS «Tokarevskaya Poultry Plant»
  • LLC «Rostov Grain Company «Resource»
  • LLC «Nikolskoye»
  • LLC «Poultry Plant «Morevskaya»
  • CJSC «Breeding Poultry Plant Timashevkaya»
  • CJSC «Breeding Poultry Plant Rodina»
  • CJSC «Belorechensky Feed Mill Factory»
  • CJSC «Belorechensky Poultry Plant»
  • LLC «Agroservice»
  • LLC «Yug Agrobiznes»
  • LLC «Adygeya Feed Mill Factory»
  • CSC «Adygeya Broiler Association»
  • CJSC «Prikubansky Broiler»
  • LLC «Ptitzecombinat»
  • Nevinomysskiy branch LLC Trading Company «Resurs-Yug»
  • LLC «Stavropolskiy Poultry Complex»
  • CJSC «Kochubeevskaya Poultry Plant»
  • LLC «Trading Company Resurs-Yug»
  • CJSC «Stavropolskiy Broiler»
  • The branch «Ryizdvyanenskiy Feed Mill Factory» CJSC «Stavropolskiy Broiler»
  • Svetlogradskij Feed Mill Factory
  • The branch «Pyatigorskiy Poultry Processing Plant» CJSC «Stavropolskiy Broiler»
  • The branch «Meat and Poultry Plant Blagodarnensky» CJSC «Stavropolskiy Broiler»
  • CJSC «Kamennobalkovskoe»
Crop cultivation
Feedstuffs production
for slaughtering
and processing
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