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The Company has built and modernized more than 50 large production facilities.

A full range of work on the construction, reconstruction and modernization of production facilities of “RESOURCE” Group is provided by the specialists of its own Building Company. Project Implementation of poultry farm in Tambov region is carried out by the construction subdivision JSC “Tokarevskaya Poultry Plant”

Launching new sites, equipping them with up-to-date hardware and modernizing manufacture processes are the most important elements of our capability to constantly perfect our technical base of production units here at “RESOURCE” Group.

The company is currently implementing a number of investment programs:

  • A program to increase balanced production capacity in Southern Russia to 400 thousand tons of poultry meat annually.
  • A program initiating the construction of a poultry complex in the Tambov Region, with an overall capacity of 150 thousand tons of poultry meat.
  • “RESOURCE” Group has adopted a strategic development program that includes investment projects in the area of crop cultivation.

All projects are financed through equity capital and borrowing. Our financial partners are Russian Agricultural Bank JSC and Sberbank of Russia JSC.