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The "Poultry" business unit is the chief area of focus at “RESOURCE” Group. Poultry farms are concentrated in the southern territory of Russia, providing the full cycle, from production to sale of poultry meat products, involving: parent flock breeding, incubation, rearing broiler chickens, feed production, processing and selling of products and marketing, storage and transport logistics.

Production facilities at “RESOURCE” Group include automated complexes, equipped with up-to-date facilities, minimizing human involvement in each production stage.

All industrial sites where parent and broiler flocks are kept adhere to a single floor housing standard, consistent with international principles of humane treatment of animals and monitor feeding, collecting eggs, and the atmospheric conditions in the buildings, which helps prevent unneeded stress for poultry.

Cutting-edge equipment from the world's leading brands in the field of feed production, which is used at Adygei, Ryzdvyanensky, Belorechensky and Svetlogradsky plants, makes it possible to manufacture millions of tons of granular and loose mixed fodder annually.

More than 200 kinds of chilled and frozen food are produced by the processing plants of “RESOURCE” Group

Production of finished, internal produce from raw materials is carried out on the poultry processing complex in Stavropol Territory (Nevinnomyssk, Blagodarnie, Pyatigorsk) and the Republic of Adygei (Maikop). In order to receive high quality and healthy products, we use the cutting-edge certified equipment from global brands: MEYN, CFS, ULMA and others. Thanks to technology and new air-drop methods of cooling meat developed by our staff, the meat retains its freshness for up to seven days; while frozen products, as a result of shock freezing, don't lose their nutritional value or taste.

Preservation of finished products and prompt delivery to customers is one of the Company main priorities

Storage logistics of “RESOURCE” Group includes several low-temperature refrigerated warehouses and distribution centres in the Stavropol Territory. Its total storage capacity allows to store more than 10 000 tons of ready product at a time. The company offers complete delivery solutions as well as developing an individual delivery route, taking into consideration the customer’s wishes. Consequently, all chilled products are already on the shelves a few hours after its production is finished.