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“Resource” Group of Companies is a Russian benchmark company with a high social responsibility. Together with employees, partners, authorities and consumers, we follow the principles of conducting civilized business.

The priority of “Resource” Group is the production of high-quality, healthy and tasty poultry products. In order to guarantee the quality and safety of food products the company sells only its own production.

As the largest employer and taxpayer, “Resource” Group not only has a positive impact on the socio-economic development of the regions where it is present but also forms a new framework of attitude to work in agriculture: The company is investing funds and efforts to the reconstruction and modernisation of enterprises, introduction of modern technologies of lean manufacturing and environmental management, thereby reviving the use of the vast potential of peripheral areas of Russia, providing a decent standard of living to thousands of rural workers.

The company adheres to the principles of fair competition in the markets of its presence, fulfils the obligations undertaken before partners and consumers and cooperates with the authorities and law enforcement agencies.

Close ties with public, successful environmental management, tax payments and higher income of employees have a positive effect on the growth of living standards and welfare of the population in the regions where the company operates.

Social responsibility is an integral part of the development strategy of “Resource” GROUP