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Resource Group of Companies Has Brought into Operation New Hatchery in the Tambov Region 16.09.2016

Resource Group of Companies Has Brought into Operation New Hatchery in the Tambov Region

Grand opening of the hatchery which has been brought into operation by “Resource” Group of Companies in Tokaryovsky District of the Tambov Region, took place on September 16. The event was attended by the governor of the region Alexander Nikitin. As a part of the business program delegation has also visited poultry factory which is at the time under construction, and has discussed the prospects of further development of the company’s projects in the area.

The first item on the program was walking tour through the site of the poultry factory. Commissioning operations at the object are planned for the 4-th quarter of this year. CEO of “Tokaryovskaya Ptitsefabrika”, JSC Andrey Fokin has told that the factory has two high-technology killing lines with the total capacity of 18 thousand birds per hour. The factory is planning to produce a variety of frozen and chilled poultry meat products of famous brands “Blagoyar” and “Blagoyar Zolotoy”, as well as range of halal products. There are two warehouses with the total volume of 3.2 thousand tons meant for the storage of integrated products.

The next part of the business program was the opening of the hatchery itself. Its construction has been started by the previous owner in 2013. After the merger of "Tokaryovskaya Ptitsefabrika" into “Resource” Group of Companies all the construction works has been successfully finished for the period from April 2015 to September 2016.   Alexander Nikitin and Andrey Fokin have cut the symbolic red ribbon and officially opened one of the biggest hatcheries in the country (production capacity - 105 million hatchery eggs per year). The governor was given a possibility to find out more about the new object, incubation, and personally take part in the first set of hatchery eggs.

Alexander Nikitin in his speech after the visit noted the importance of the “Resource” Group of Companies’ project in the Tambov Region.  Poultry cluster will include not only poultry factory and hatchery, but also compound feed mill, two grain elevators, and seven poultry production units. After reaching the project capacity it will create more than 2 000 jobs. 150 000 thousand tons of poultry meat in live weight will be produced here annually. The estimated amount of tax payments to the consolidated budget of the Tambov Region will amount to 200 million rubles per year. Total investment in the project is estimated at 10.5 billion rubles of proprietory and borrowed funds. Financial partner of the project is Russian Agricultural Bank.