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“Blagoyar Zolotoy” ™

"Blagoyar Gold" - For those who appreciate taste and respect trditions

“Blagoyar Zolotoy” ™ - a new trademark of “RESOURCE” Group is an innovative environmentally safe product that has no analogues in the Russian market. The product was created for taste and tradition connoisseurs, and perfect for baking in an oven.

Birds grown on special poultry farms located on the Northern Caucasus foothills during 50 days period are produced under "Blagoyar Zolotoy» trademark . Long term of growing (more than 50 days) provides large body’s weight of 2.2-2.8 kg and more. Corn-based ration significantly increases a content of vitamin D that results in yellow colour of birds. Hand slaughter and plucking preserve the skin integument the most carefully, that provides more succulent and tender taste of the meat.

A special type of packing (vacuum shrink bag) enables to preserve the physical appearance of the product and its freshness as well. It is one of the most high-tech packaging which combines high barrier properties, durability and ergonomics.

"Blagoyar Zolotoy» trademark’s production meets the demands of GOST R 52702-2006.